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From the moment we met David, we knew he was the right person for our renovation. Not only was he personable and knowledgeable, but he was also a get-it-done kind of guy.

From the moment we met David, we knew he was the right person for our renovation. Not only was he personable and knowledgeable, but he was also a get-it-done kind of guy. Unlike the other contractors we interviewed, he showed up ready to figure out what needs to be done and give us an estimate without sending anyone else to meet with us and having an endless loop of pre-estimate back-and-forth discussions.


We started planning our renovation about a year ago, well before COVID. We live in an older colonial home where the rooms were very small, there were walls where they shouldn’t be, and the kitchen was pretty outdated. With two young boys, it was just crowded and inconvenient.


Originally, we were going to renovate the kitchen only, but after discussing our overall ideas about the house with David, we realized that it would make sense to work on the entire main level at one go. He helped us envision how we could open up the space and create the comfortable and functional layout we wanted.


When COVID hit, we put the renovation on hold. But staying at home because of COVID magnified all the aspects of the kitchen and the main floor that were bothering us and needed to change. After being cooped up in our house for a few months, we just had to get the renovation done. David was very flexible with our changing plans, and his flexibility and responsiveness confirmed yet again that he was the right contractor for us.


Once we decided to go ahead, David and his crew got the renovation done ahead of schedule by almost two weeks! The work progressed very quickly. Every day brought major, visible changes. Perhaps the most fun part of the whole experience was seeing our boys’ excitement every evening when they walked into the house and saw how different it looked from just that morning.

We all adapted to the reality of COVID by maintaining our distance and communicating by email and text, and the crew always wore masks when we were around. Even though we hesitated about renovating our house during this time, going forward with it definitely was the right decision and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


We absolutely love our kitchen and our main level now. It’s so important, especially during this stressful period when we’re home all the time, to be able to enjoy our space. It’s a complete mood changer. And, as an added bonus, with the open layout, our boys have room to run around and let off some energy!

David’s design suggestions made our kitchen not only more beautiful but also so much more functional. Even though we have fewer walls, we actually have more cabinet space. The lighting made a huge difference, too. To go from no light fixtures to six ceiling lights is life changing.


I really enjoy cooking in this kitchen. I even enjoy cleaning up in the kitchen because I want to keep it as clean and nice as it was right after we finished the renovation.


Our experience with David was so great that we know we will use him again. We have a lot of other projects that we’re planning for the house, and he’s going to be our go-to contractor because he genuinely cares about making his customers happy.


– Sarah H.

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