Kitchen of my Dreams

It is no exaggeration to say that David turned my renovation nightmare into the kitchen of my dreams!

I’ve been wanting to remodel my kitchen pretty much since I moved into this house, eleven years ago because it was a cramped galley kitchen. If I was cooking, there wasn’t enough room for my boyfriend to reach the sink. So, I was very excited to get started on this renovation.


I had originally signed up with another contractor who sounded great on paper. But then he partially demolished the kitchen….and disappeared.


We had a family friend who recommended David and we’d seen the gorgeous work that he did on her kitchen and bathrooms. So, it made sense to meet with him and discuss our situation. When we spoke, he really listened and took the time to understand my vision for the space. After taking in the various challenges to achieving that vision, he was able to find ways to overcome those challenges to achieve a result that surpassed my original vision.


We interviewed a few other folks, but when it came down to who I just connected with and who really understood what I was trying to do, David was the clear choice, no question about it.


Once David’s construction team, headed by Angel, got started, I knew I was in good hands. The crew was so mindful of us still living in the house during the renovation. They tidied up every day and kept the place beautifully clean. And they made sure to always give us as much functional space as possible.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and were really able to explain why things needed to be done certain ways, and offer solutions for any question or obstacle that came up along the way.

With the renovation already going, it became obvious that we should just get everything that the first floor needed done at the same time. For example, the living room didn’t have overhead lighting – and now it does, which makes a huge difference! Another major improvement was moving the HVAC ducts to get rid of the drop ceiling and make more space usable in the kitchen.


It’s crazy to say that a renovation project can be fun, but with David, it really was.  I felt like I got the full-on HGTV renovation experience. He was easy to communicate with and regularly stopped by the house to check on the progress. He’s full of knowledge and great design ideas and advice that really helped pull everything together so perfectly. And the teams and sub-contractors he pulls in really know how to execute and pay attention to the finest of details.


And the result is just amazing! Better than anything I ever even thought was possible in this space that we have.


– Jennifer C.

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