The Heart of our Home

I cannot say enough good things about our experience with David, and I’m thrilled to recommend him to anyone who wants a great remodel with minimal stress.

Both my husband and I come from cultures where cooking and sharing food with our families and friends is very important. Therefore, since we bought our house in 2009, its kitchen has become the heart of our home, a gathering place for celebrations, occasions, and the random extended-family Thursday night dinner, too.


But the original kitchen did not have enough cabinet space and the pantry was tiny and crowded. So, by necessity, our counters were cluttered with gadgets like the coffeemaker and the blender. Even though I love to cook, that kitchen made cooking so much less efficient, and a whole lot less fun.


We’ve been contemplating a major kitchen renovation ever since we bought the house but were hesitant to start such a disruptive project. Our hesitation evaporated when we saw the kitchen David had remodeled for our neighbor and heard about how much care David and his crew took to make the project as stress-free as possible for her. Our neighbor’s experience gave us the confidence to hire David and finally embark on the renovation.


It was the best decision we could have made! From the first conversation with David, we knew that we were in good hands. He understood the functionalities we wanted and suggested the perfect solution for each issue we mentioned. He was also very respectful of our budget, and I was especially impressed with the transparency of his pricing – aside from paying him his fee, all other fees were paid directly to the subcontractors he routinely works with. This way, we had total control over the budget and could adjust it to create the perfect kitchen for us. As a result, we were able to also refinish our hardwood floors throughout the main floor to create a unified look in this open space.

I cannot say enough good things about the construction crew. They went above and beyond to minimize the disruption to our lives and keep our home clean and tidy throughout the remodel. Moreover, even though there was an unforeseen issue at our end that made it impossible for the crew to work at our house for ten days, they still finished the project on time. Additionally, when I brought an issue related to the refinishing of the floors to David’s attention, he immediately took steps to make it right – no excuses, just results. So, we now have gleaming, gorgeous hardwood floors in the perfect shade for our overall color scheme, and not a speck of hardwood dust anywhere.


The finished kitchen is nothing short of amazing! It is everything I could have dreamed of – a perfect blend of functionality and beauty. There is so much more storage space now that everything has its place, and there are even outlets in the cabinets to charge and use our appliances right where they are stored. My counters are pristine and clutter-free; my spice rack is exactly where it needs to be for how I cook; my electric hardwood sweeper is always charged and ready to go. The difference is so remarkable that even my two boys, who don’t usually notice anything about décor, have commented on how pretty the kitchen looks and how much better it is now than it was before!


I cannot say enough good things about our experience with David, and I’m thrilled to recommend him to anyone who wants a great remodel with minimal stress.


– Jenn G.

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