First Renovation

This was my first renovation experience, and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m really thankful that David was by my side through this entire process, always being responsive, and always answering my questions and talking through my options.

It was important to me to have a contractor who would listen. We wanted a nice kitchen, but this is not our forever home and we didn’t want to sink a lot of money into this renovation.


At our first meeting, David took in everything I told him – about the fiscal constraints and about wanting an updated kitchen without being extravagant. He immediately came up with six or seven really great ideas and that told me he was listening. And throughout the renovation, David kept us to the budget we set out originally. He has this tactful way of offering advice that helped me feel confident about the choices and decisions I made with respect to various design options and materials.


David just cares. For example, he worked so hard to fix an issue that wasn’t even his fault. The new countertop had to be made out of three slabs, and the first time the subcontractor installed it, the slabs didn’t match! They tried to tell me that it was the lighting and that everything was fine, but David backed me up. He went to bat for me with the countertop guys and it’s only because of his relentless pressure that they finally got it right and they even gave me a discount for all the trouble and delay they caused.

And there are the unexpected ways in which David goes above and beyond. For example, throughout the renovation, he’d send in cleaners once a week to keep up with the dust from the construction. That’s a really lovely extra touch.


The kitchen turned out better than we expected. It looks ten times bigger than before and it’s so light and airy! We love to entertain, and the new kitchen makes it much easier to do. It’s a lot of fun when I cook and put the appetizers out on the counter and everybody gathers around.


We’re now on our second project with David, and it’s going really well. I also recommended David to one of my best friends in the world, and that’s probably the best testimonial that I could give.


– K. Halverson

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