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The results of this renovation are nothing short of amazing! The house now looks like a new build made to our specifications. I feel so settled and so happy in this space.

When you’re buying a house, you sometimes walk into a place and just know that you’re home. That’s how we felt about the house we bought recently, even though it was 29 years old and everything about it was very 1990s. We saw through its tired style to what it could be and brought David and his crew to tackle the facelift that this house needed to turn it into our dream home.


It was very important to us that this renovation be done quickly because we were going to live in the house while it was going on. We have a 7-year-old daughter, so it was especially important to get her room and one bathroom completely finished before we moved in.


David understood our time concerns and more than met the challenge: we closed on the house on Tuesday, met with David on Thursday, and the demo started on Saturday. By the time we moved in, less than 3 weeks later, our daughter’s room was in perfect condition with new paint and new carpet, and we had a working bathroom as well.


David’s commitment to this project was shared by the whole construction crew. They were always at the house on time and stayed until the day’s work was done. It was so exciting to see the progress they made every single day!

This renovation was such a refreshing change from the experience we had in our previous house where a project dragged on because the crew and the contractor kept ghosting us. On that previous project, they did show up, they’d spend less than a full day at the site, often making no visible progress but leaving plenty of mess behind.


David and the crew went above and beyond in multiple ways. They were very fastidious in the little details, never cutting corners and always making sure that the work was done right. We had the same crew for the entire 8 weeks, so we got to know them, had meals with them, and by the end we considered them our friends.

In addition to being a wonderful general contractor, David’s expertise and discerning eye for design were very helpful as well. For example, when the crew finally took up all the travertine marble from the open concept living room and kitchen, it became apparent that there was significant damage to the subflooring in the living room and, in some spots, you could see straight into the basement. Yet the subflooring in the kitchen was solid. The flooring specialist recommended a solution that would have created a step between the two rooms but David figured out how to fix the situation, and the result is a perfectly level hardwood floor, which is exactly what we wanted.


Moreover, when I was feeling design fatigue, David stepped in and chose some of the finishing touches – the door handles, the ceiling fans, the pendant lights – and his choices were perfectly aligned with our vision. David also suggested interesting ways to make simple choices look very high end – like, for example, arranging a plain white subway tile in an interesting way that created an innovative look for the kitchen backsplash.


The results of this renovation are nothing short of amazing! The house now looks like a new build made to our specifications. I feel so settled and so happy in this space. It feels like our home. It may sound funny, but sometimes, we go and sit in a different room, just to enjoy how nice it is!

Before the renovation, if you’d have told me that I’d enjoy cooking, I’d laugh. But now, the kitchen is my favorite space in the house, and I find myself really enjoying working in it – everything just makes sense and is perfectly configured for cooking. I also have a clear path to the sunroom, which is adjacent to the kitchen. That’s where we eat dinner, immersed in nature, surrounded by trees wherever you look.


David was recommended to us by a friend, and he definitely lived up to her very high praise! I would be truly honored to recommend David. He will bring your vision to life – and he will do so on time and on budget.


– Noel H.

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