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I got someone who really cares about the final outcome and who worked as a true partner with my designer to make the final kitchen come out better than I could have ever imagined it.

When it was time to update our 30-year old kitchen, our interior designer recommended David.


I was looking for someone who’d listen to my communications and make sure that issues are taken care of as they arise, and I most definitely got that in David. He sees both the big picture and the small details – down to the orientation of the light switches, which made them more aesthetic.


Even though we had to live through a whole month of renovations in our home, the construction crew took a lot of care to minimize the disruption to our lives and to keep the place as clean as possible. I was worried at first about so many new people coming to the house because we have two Dalmatians, but everyone was just lovely to the dogs and the dogs loved the crew, too.

Going through the renovation was definitely worth it! I love my new kitchen – it’s beautiful and filled with light, and I really enjoy spending time in it. Even though its footprint is the same, it feels so much more spacious. And the best part is that everything has a place – the garbage can is no longer in the open and the microwave isn’t taking counter space, and I love all the added drawer space.


Based on my great experience, I have already recommended David to a friend. Because she lives alone, it’s particularly important to her to trust the people she lets into her house, and she has already met David and his carpenter and feels comfortable with them. And if I ever do another renovation, David is the one I will most definitely call.


– Georgia C.

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